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Token Rates

On CamSoda the model is paid $0.05 to $0.055 per token.

The model is able to sets the rates (Token/Min) up or down from the model account's [Privacy Settings].

Here are the default rates:

Show Type Tokens/Min Model Earnings
Private 30 tok/min $1.50/min
Spy 12 tok/min $0.60/min for each person

So if the model does a private show with 4 people spying the earnings would be $3.90/min ($1.50+$0.60+$0.60+$0.60+$0.60).

By default private shows are not available for download by the member. This is easy to enable from the model account's [Privacy Settings].

If the model decides to make shows available to download; the model may want to increase the rate. Most models are very busy in free chat and this is where the majority of their earnings are generated. Going into private with one members may be a favor to this lucky member. Letting the member download the show is a good way to demonstrate to the member that you care about them and the increased fee is justified.

Below is the a possible increased private rates:

Show Type Tokens/Min Model Earnings
Private 90 tok/min $4.50/min
Spy 12 tok/min $0.60/min for each person

So the same private show with 4 people spying the earnings would be $6.90/min ($4.50+$0.60+$0.60+$0.60+$0.60).

Payout Interval

Payouts are weekly and will have no reference to CamSoda.

Payout %

On average, about 65% of all gross money spent on CamSoda is sent to models. Detailed explanation below.

Models are paid $0.05 to $0.055 per token which equates to at 50-55% payout. The actual payout is significantly more when you consider free tokens given to users and that bulk token purchases cost less for the user but are worth exactly the same ($0.05 to $0.055) to the model. The current token packages are:

Tokens Tokens/MinPrice $/Token Model's %
free tokens $0.00 $0.000 100%
100 $9.99 $0.100 50.1%
210 $19.99 $0.095 52.5%
550 $49.99 $0.091 55.0%
1205 $99.99 $0.083 60.3%
3100 $249.99 $0.081 65.1%

The payout percentage further increases when the banking costs associated with token purchases (credit card fees, merchant support, etc... is considered. CamSoda covers all of these costs. Fraud is another cost most models never deal with but must be handled. When you factor in the Daily, Weekly & Monthly Contests, models are making 80-85% of the gross user spend.

Official Pay Matrix and Contests

Direct Deposit/ACH

US Models only

You must have a US Bank Account and know your Account Number and Routing Number. Check.png

Direct Deposit takes 3 days to clear. We issue payments on Thursdays, and typically you will receive the payment the following Monday.

We send out payments discreetly; they post to your account as "chexx".

Fee: $0
Minimum Payout: $20

Physical Check Mailed

This method is not ideal because it will take longer for your check to reach you and tracking payment delivery is limited. You must confirm your address and understand this will take longer to get delivered than any other method of payment. You also should deposit your check into a real bank account not a check cashing service. If you are a US model and have a real bank account you can easily setup Direct Deposit/ACH, which will be much faster for you to receive your payment.

Fee: $0
Minimum Payout: $20


Non-US Models, US models should use ACH

International wire can take up to 5 days to clear. Your bank will likely charge you a significant fee.

Fee: $0
Minimum Payout: $500


You can withdraw funds using a visa issued by paxum. You can use an ATM to withdrawal cash directly.

Fee: $0
Minimum Payout: $20

Edit Payment Information

When you register you may select one of the above payment methods. At any time you may edit your payment method on your earnings page

If you need to change your tax identification number or your mailing address you must e-mail us at