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Most Important Advice

Number 1 is critical and the single most important thing you can do as a cam model.

  1. Be insanely appreciative and vocal for every single tip, no matter how small. For large tips go absolutely nuts!
  2. Have energy and be positive. Over emphasize your emotions and moves. Your positive energy will drive more tips.
  3. Play Games with your fans. Anything that is engaging and fun.
  4. Customize your profile, and set rates for Snapchat, Private Messaging and more.

Being insanely appreciative of every tip cannot be over emphasized. This is by far the most important thing you can do that will directly impact your $$$$.

Tips to help you have a good, solid show

  • Make sure people can see you! A good internet connection, good computer and good lighting will guarantee a clear show. If your not sure, ask the room how your video stream looks, very often your stream will look better/smoother at a lower resolution.
  • Run a tip app! You can find these near the subject line on top of the chat section.
  1. Auto-Reset Tip Goal - when you want smaller goals reached over and over, ex: every goal I lose clothing, or 5x goal I bring out the toys.
  2. Tip Menu - when you want everything that's on the table to have a distinct price, go with this app. You can also run this with a tip goal to double the incentive! Make sure to be detailed and specific in all your menu items!
  3. Golden Ticket - this is what you should go with when you don't want to go with a goal format, and don't want anyone to watch you without tipping. You set an entry price that needs to be paid to see the stream, and can even set a countdown timer so everyone has time to buy their tickets!
  4. Tip Goal - when you have one simple objective for your show, this is what you want.

  • Greet your users! Pay attention especially to blue and purple users as they are the main token holders, and remember that the more welcoming and engaging you are, the more users will stick around and come back!
  • Thank your users for EVERY tip. When people feel appreciated, they're more likely to do more for you! Even the smaller tips deserve a thanks, and they can lead to bigger tips in the future!
  • Have energy and don't be negative! It's like acting, you should emphasize every emotion to get the people in your room to be connected and interested in you. The more they feel a connection, the more likely they are to return and tip in the future.
  • Play games with your users! You can make tip-based games with rewards like custom pics, shout outs, etc. This will keep the momentum, and the tokens, rolling!
  • Sell your SnapChat. One of the most common questions that a member will ask you is what your SnapChat is, so this is a key to easy tokens AND a way to let your closest fans know when you're going online, and is also a simple way to send them custom content!
  • Connect with your regulars! Don't be afraid to give people your social media names to promote yourself and let them know when you're going to be streaming!
  • Not getting enough tips? Make sure you let your users know what you offer and what that costs, and keep your costs reachable! If you're asking for too much, users may be hesitant to participate. And you can make more money with 5 $20 shows that you can reach easily within an hour than a single $100 that takes two hours to get enough tips to start.
  • Last but not least, don't be afraid to ban anyone that is being disruptive or rude. If they're being outright abusive, let us know and we'll look into it :)

General Advice

  • Turn your audio on.
Talk to the cam, even if no one is talking back. Have a pretend conversations if needed. Users get to know you better if you're talking.
Do not be afraid to talk about tips. Stay on point with your room topic. It you want to change the topic, then change it. Then talk about your new topic.
  • Use a chat app to help you get organized
  • Make sure you have good lighting and most of your body is on cam.
  • Try not to move/shake the camera or move around do much, this can make you blurry. Have water near you but off cam so you do not need to get up often.
  • Limit your phone use while camming, your fans want your attention
  • Wear something that shows some skin but doesn’t reveal it all. BE SEXY. Try to go with bright colors, sparkles etc. all that catches the eye.
  • Check the users in your room and say hello to them.
Users with tokens are blue & purple, make sure you greet them and mention them in your show
  • All Tips should be acknowledged, make sure you thank the user who tipped, call their name out, flash them
  • Change the Room Topic: Your topic should tell users your countdowns or private shows, or content or all three. Here are some examples:
    • "Flash Tits/5TK, Topless/20 TK, Flash Pussy/30 TK, Cum Show/In Private"
    • "Today Only: get any of my videos for 50TK, Panties 200TK"
    • "Voyeur Fun: Naked Any Room - Pool Cam/50TK, Shower Cam/50TK, Game Room Cam/50TK"
    • "Cum Show/200 TK (group tips allowed), get on my snapchat 30TK"
  • Most important is to have fun. All of your fans are here to have fun with you, be excited and it will come across to your fans and your get more tips!

How to Videos


  • Never reveal your real identity
  • Never say your real location
  • Do not be afraid to ban anyone who makes you uncomfortable
  • Never drink, do drugs or be under the influence while on cam
  • Be smart and if you need help reach out to us at

Broadcasting Tech

You will need a computer with a webcam almost any will do, here is our Recommended Hardware.

Now that your computer is sorted lets get broadcasting:

  1. Login to your camsoda account
  2. On the top Menu Click Stream Live: Broadcasting Step1.png
  3. At the Broadcasting Step2.png prompt say yes, your cam will turn on and you will Broadcasting Step3.png see yourself. But your not broadcasting just yet.
  4. Configure you're room. Just above the chat window click the gear box: Broadcasting Step4.png
  5. Make any change you want. The most important is the Chat Room Notice: Broadcasting Step5.png Everyone will see this when they enter your room. Update it often; your topic should tell users your countdowns or private shows, or content or all three. Make sure to click "SAVE". See the Advice section for examples.
  6. Move the focus of your window back to chat by clicking the bubbles next to the gears: Broadcasting Step6.png Then click Broadcast, in the lower right corner of your video stream: Broadcasting Step6.png

When your broadcasting you can always go back into your setting by clicking the gear box: Broadcasting Step4.png. You can also use the other tab next to the gear that looks like people, this is the list of everyone in your room. You can ban people, make them moderators etc...

Make sure to keep an eye on the While bradcasting.png in the lower right corner of your video steam this will tell you if your streaming or not.

Adjusting the Video Picture

On a MAC you will need to use this app to adjust your camera's settings.

On Windows, you can download Logitech's software to alter the camera's settings.

Using the camera software eliminates some of the need to move the camera and helps you to pan, zoom, and get that picture-perfect angle with less hassle.