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Welcome the [CamSoda's] Wiki. This Wiki is intended to answer all of your questions. If there is a topic you do not see listed here please e-mail us at and we will update this wiki.

What Is CamSoda?

CamSoda is the most advanced cam social network on the internet. We bring together the hottest girls, the most advance technology and do it all for FREE!

  1. Our Models are paid the most and may receive health insurance bonus payments, we love our models
  2. We care about all of our CamSoda members and do everything possible to make their experience the best possible. From technical issue, new feature request to direct control of cams in the exclusive cam house
  3. We are nerds who love women & technology, we get excited thinking about just one of these but combining them is ecstasy. We did not just create we enjoy it too. will be the best possible with the latest technology and coolest gadgets. Mobile will work! no if ands or buts about it.
  4. CamsSoda is a FREE site, we are determined to provide the best cam site Absolutely FREE!

Becoming a Model?

Check out this section for all you need to know about making money as a model!

General Rules

This site is about having a good time and our goal is to not overcomplicate CamSoda with rules. However, to we do have a complete list of all the Terms of Service and guidelines, These terms TOS take precedence over anything else on the wiki. Violating any of the TOS may result in closure of your account and forfeiture of your tokens.

Models and members are in control of their experience and who they interact with while on, there are tools to help with this. A model has complete control over her chat room, and can kick anyone out for any reason. Models can choose moderators who will help them manage their chat room, a moderator can kick anyone out of the chat room for any reason. Be respectful and have fun, it's that simple.

That said here are some basic things not to do on any internet site and as part of life:

  • Anything Illegal
  • Drugs
  • Record video or any other content on this site
  • Distribute any content from this site
  • Faking your account/profile
    • Creating fake account(s)
    • Impersonating a member
    • Impersonating a model
    • Impersonating a moderator
    • Impersonating a Employee
  • Behaving in a disruptive manner
    • Abusive
    • Racist
    • Threatening

What Makes CamSoda Different?

At CamSoda we have believe our role is to provide best possible platform for the models to engage with their fans.

CamSoda News and Updates

Check our "labs" to see what is new at CamSoda,