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Why become a model at CamSoda?

  • Highest payouts in the industry, you will make more per hour than any other site
  • Eligible for health insurance bonus: We care about our performers and provide a bonus to our full time models who have health insurance
  • Weekly payouts: Don't wait to get your money like on other sites
  • Sell your own content, for whatever you want: You may sell movies, images or recorded shows; you set the price
  • Your Content is DMCA Protected: All of your content will be secured from copyright infringement and piracy
  • Want to be discreet? Have no worries as our advanced geographical blocking system ensure your anonymity, block any state or country.

How do I become a Model who can receive tokens?

Getting paid as a cam model is easy on CamSoda. All you have to do is complete the [online application]. This is an easy 4 step process that should take less than 10 minutes:

  1. Register with CamSoda, make sure to choose a name that also aligns with your social network handles (twitter, Facebook, snapchat, vine, Instagram etc...)
  2. E-Sign, so we know your legit
  3. Upload a digital version of your ID
  4. Verify your account

Do I need a special computer & webcam?

No a simple laptop with camera will work just fine. Of course you can upgrade your hardware for a more professional look. Check out our Cam Hardware Recommendations page for more detail. You can also stream using your mobile device

What do I have to do?

You do whatever you are comfortable with on cam.

How often do I get paid?

Payouts will be made weekly; Every Thursday you will be paid for the previous Monday-Sunday

  • Weekly Payouts made Paxum or check

Please see Model Payment Methods for detail on each of these payment methods.

Cam Soda helps with Health Insurance!!!, How does this work?

We want you to be healthy and know how expensive Health Insurance is. So we created the CamSoda's Wellness Program. Models are eligible after being active with Camsoda for 6 months.

  • Models who gross $3,500-$6,999 on a monthly basis and provide proof of health insurance will receive a $65 monthly bonus
  • Models who gross over $7,000 on a monthly basis and provide proof of health insurance will receive a $125 monthly bonus

How do I make money?

You make money by getting tips/tokens from users. There are many things you can do to get tokens and any tokens you make are split between you and the site.

How much is a token and what are the token packages available?

Tokens are worth $0.05 to models. The current token packages are:

Tokens Tokens/MinPrice $/Token Model's %
100 $9.99 $0.100 50.1%
210 $19.99 $0.095 52.5%
550 $49.99 $0.091 55.0%
1205 $99.99 $0.083 60.3%
3100 $249.99 $0.081 65.1%

Tools and Features

Is there a Cam Score/Model Rank?

Models have three ratings

  • Overall Rating: the rating from users who tipped you over 25 tokens in free chat
  • Private Rating: the rating from users after a private show
  • Golden Ticket Show Rating: the rating from users after a Golden Ticket show

Ratings influence the rooms users go to and the models placement on the page. The higher the rating the better.

Your Rating will be displayed on your broadcast page

How to Broadcast with OBS

At camsoda it is fast and easy to broadcast. We have a dedicated Model Broadcasting Page on this wiki that walks through all the details including using OBS.

Show Types

Run a tip app! You can find these near the subject line on top of the chat section.

  1. Auto-Reset Tip Goal - when you want smaller goals reached over and over, ex: every goal I lose clothing, or 5x goal I bring out the toys.
  2. Tip Menu - when you want everything that's on the table to have a distinct price, go with this app. You can also run this with a tip goal to double the incentive! Make sure to be detailed and specific in all your menu items!
  3. Golden Ticket - this is what you should go with when you don't want to go with a goal format, and don't want anyone to watch you without tipping. You set an entry price that needs to be paid to see the stream, and can even set a countdown timer so everyone has time to buy their tickets!
  4. Tip Goal - when you have one simple objective for your show, this is what you want.

Hosted Videos & Pictures For Sale

You can upload a video or photo to that will be added to your profile. You can make these available to users for a set price to unlock them.

There is no specific requirement on the format of this content, will convert it to the best format for the web.

Please note: Any video that contains copyrighted music will be requested to have the music removed.

Private Show Recordings

Private Shows can be recorded and made available to the user who paid for the private show.

By default, private show recordings are enabled. You can change this in your Profile's [Settings & Privacy] section. You can also adjust your per minute rate of a private show within the same [Settings & Privacy] section. If you're going to make a show available offline you probably want to charge more for it. See Model Payment Information for more detail on what you will earn.

Photo Galleries For Sale

You have the ability to upload picture albums and make it available for sale on your page. The price is up to you. This is great to have available for your fans to purchase while online or away.

All uploaded content will first need to be reviewed by our compliance team.

Types of User Account

Guests, Users, Friends Monitors

Chat room shortcuts

  • Ban a user at any time type /ban username
  • Unban a user at any time type /unban username
  • Add a user to a Golden Ticket Show type /add username
  • Clear your chat /clear

Chat room monitor?

You can select a person in your chat room to help manage the room, aka a moderator. This helps when there are 500+ people in the room, or you are busy with a show, or just prefer to hangout without policing your own room. The moderator's rights include: banning people, changing the topic, helping with token games, etc.

Private Messaging

A private message is just that, private. It is not available for anyone else to see other than you and the user who sent it to you. User who have the ability to send private messages are paying users and good users to interact with. You should make it a priority to answers these messages quickly.

Your Profile

You control your profile. Share as much or little as you want, set prices for all of your shows/content & pick a moderator to help you manage your room.

  • Post your social media handles (Facebook, Twitter, Instagram, Snapchat)
  • Make your pictures free or paid, you set the price
  • Set rates for a private shows and specify if they will be recorded or not. Recorded shows will be streamable only by the member who took you private, users who spied will not have access.
  • Make a member your moderator for 1 day or up to 6 months
  • Include your Amazon Wish list

Here is more advice on what should and should not be in your model profile page.


All models will be broadcasting to all devices; desktop, tablets and mobile.

Unacceptable Behavior

Below is a brief summary of unacceptable behavior whether implied, actual or offered. You are required to read and accept both the Terms Of Service and the Performer Agreement

  • Anyone on cam who has not been approved by CamSoda
  • Minors/Children/Babies etc. may not be on cam or in the same room. This includes minor/teen role-play.
  • Rape, discussions of rape or rape role-play
  • Going to bathroom on cam, urination etc...
  • Drugs, alcohol, narcotics or appearing on cam intoxicated
  • Sexual or provocative contact between family members
  • Sexual or provocative contact between a person and pet/animal
  • Sleeping
  • Fisting
  • Prostitution, escorting or solicitation
  • Anything that may be considered fraud
  • Anything illegal
  • Anything that could be considered obscene or dangerous
  • Using the Platform for harassment or hate speech
  • Broadcasting content you do not have the right for
  • Anything that violate our Terms Of Service
  • Anything that violates our Performer Agreement